1948-49 Vintage Gibson J-45 acoustic

1948-49 Vintage Gibson J-45 acoustic w/ case.1948-49 Vintage Gibson J-45 acoustic sunburst. great playing vintage gibson. bridge was sanded down for the action. action is really good (4/32″ low E 12th fret). frets are in good shape. guitar was used and played it didn’t sit around. side has a repair (picture included). top & back are in good shape. guitar will not need a neck reset. tuners are original. bridge is tight to the body. neck and body are tight as well, no gap. big tone. comes with a hardshell case. inside strips has the cloth , indicative of the late 1940’s gibson acoustic’s.  guitar has crazing in the finish and bums and use. neck profile is a larger style, not small. overall this is a great playing gibson, not a dog by any means. great player. nice tone. action is nice. it does have a few side repairs. guitar was played and used. frets are in good shape. back has no cracks or top. lots of crazing in the finish

1948 gibson J-45 front

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