1951 Gibson LG-3 acoustic

1951 Gibson LG-3. original finish, tuners are an upgrade but not original. hey it actually stays in tune!  no breaks, or cracks. end pin has been changed. the bridge is tight to the body. neck and body are tight to the body. the action is very nice. low E 4/32″ at the 12 fret. guitar does sound really nice. it was played and used. frets are original. they do have some wear, don’t worry you won’t need a refret, they have lots of life in them. neck is straight. lot of saddle height. no bellying on the top.  overall a comfortable playing Gibson. LG-3 is clearly marked. there is a light pickguard separation, very common, it’s not curling. at one time some put a strap connection at the top of the headstock. really a nice guitar, sounds amazing. comes with an old case but not the original. light as a feather 🙂  not many of these for sale. nice wood grain and color. 

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