1973 Ramirez Classical 1A Model


1973 Jose Ramirez classical guitar. this is a 1A model. solid cedar top and solid brazilian rosewood back and sides. based this is an exact model Andres Segovia. on the label it says model segovia. this 1A classical was verifyied by “Amalia Ramírez de Galarreta” at Ramirez.  Premier classical. serial number is #7283. action at the 12 fret low E is 6/32″ the high E at the 12 fret is 4/32″. the nut is  2 1/16″. just installed new strings. there is one repaired crack 4 1/2″ this is due to humidity. not abuse. frets and fretboard are in good shape. the length is 26.1875″= 664-665mm give or take a mm or so. (from nut to saddle). measured from the G string.  these specs are standard for this model of a classical guitar made by ramirez. rare bird. not many of these made with brazilian rosewood. the guitar is original with no overspray or other repairs. comes with a nice tweed hardcase. fits nice. Sold.