It Is Agreed that Broken String Guitars is entitled to ________%  of  the actual selling price, or any amount above agreed upon Sellers net price. Broken String Guitars will make all good effort to sell items for the agreed upon selling price, and will negotiate any lower selling price agreed upon, in good faith. Selling price will be set at the consignor best estimate of the current market value of each item. The consignor may sell any item for a price lower than the agreed upon amount only with the written or verbal agreement of the seller. The seller understands that the acceptance of this agreement does not guarantee the actual sale of any consigned item. Broken String Guitars guarantees that all items consigned for sale are covered by insurance against loss by theft or fire, but will not be held responsible for loss or damage beyond the scope of our insurance, nor is Broken String Guitars responsible for loss of value due to shop wear or any other uninsured cause. The Seller warrants that he/she is the legal owner and the title holder of any consigned items.